International Karate Daigaku

Frank Woon-A-Tai, Head Instructor

Our club is a member of the International Karate Daigaku Honbu (IKD), an organization composed of 72 regional organizations in 52 countries throughout the world. The IKD was founded and is headed by Master Frank Woon-A-Tai, 9th Dan. The International Karate Daigaku follows the teachings of Masters Gichin Funakoshi and Masatoshi Nakayama. Master Woon-A-Tai was a student of Master Nakayama, and thus, our lineage is direct to the founders.

Although our karate is traditional, it is relevant to the 21st Century. Our aim is not only to provide karate training for men, women and children, but to help young people find direction in life, keep them off the streets, and help break the cycle of crime and violence that affect many big cities and countries. We teach karate as a means to character development, physical education and fitness, and self defense. Karate can also be practiced in a competative environment where one can test their technique and hone their skills against other karateka. Karate is an extremely powerful and effective martial art, but it is always taught and executed in a safe non-contact environment.
Some of our instructors have trained in Japan and all are Japanese trained and certified. They range from third to eighth degree black belts.

Mission Statement

The International Karate Daigaku (IKD) will use traditional and modern applied research to offer the highest level of karate to all students. IKD will uphold standards of excellence that inspire our students to improve character development and instill core values of respect, honor and discipline. The IKD will also encourage positive behavior and empower children and youth to live socially and emotionally healthy lives. The philosophy of karate will also be merged and aligned with culture and education to reflect the environment within which we live. It will help us understand ourselves and each other. The end result is to have karate at the heart of all communities and promote peace, thereby preserving the well-being of humanity.